What Makes Stowaway Turkish Cotton Towels So Great?

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Stowaway cotton Turkish towel on grass

If you haven’t heard, Turkish cotton towels are one of the most popular towels and for many great reasons. They're large in size but lightweight and compact, and they're absorbent but quick drying. All of this is because they're made from Turkish cotton which is a unique type of cotton ideal for making towels.

We've put together all of the information about what makes Turkish cotton towels so great and why they'll become your new go-to item for the beach, bath, pool and gym.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Turkish Cotton Towels

Whether you love a great towel after a bath, a dip at the pools or our favourite, a trip to the beach, Turkish cotton towels are the best. Stowaway towels are ethically made in Turkey by professional artisans using 100% first-grade Turkish cotton. The cotton that we use is premium locally grown Turkish cotton that is free from harmful chemicals and synthetics, meeting the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

They’re our number one choice when at home or out and about, and here are five reasons why you should make them your first choice too:

  1. Turkish towels are made with Turkish cotton, which has incredibly long fibres. These long fibres mean fewer joins are needed, which results in smoother and stronger cotton threads.
  2. The more washes a Turkish cotton towel receives, the more absorbent and softer the towel.
  3. Due to the long fibres of the cotton, they have a high absorbency rate even though they are super thin. It’s this thinness which lets them dry very quickly, making these towels perfect for using at the beach or the pool all day long. Being quick drying also means that you don’t need to be concerned with odours developing either.
  4. The thin weave of Stowaway Turkish cotton towels means that they don’t collect or pick up sand. Finally, a towel you can use at the beach without worrying about bringing home a bucketful of sand!
  5. Being able to use your towel for multiple purposes is something we love! The beautiful weaving and designs, combined with the practical benefits Turkish cotton provide, means that your Stowaway towel is simply not just a towel. We know many people use theirs as a picnic rug, a blanket, a cover-up and even a sarong.

Caring for your Stowaway towel is also a breeze. Machine washable, simply pop them on a cold gentle cycle, with a low spin and then line dry in the sunshine. A little bit of regular detergent is fine to use (we prefer to use an eco-friendly brand) but avoid bleach and fabric softeners to keep your towel in top condition.

Seeing (and using) is believing, so head over to our online store and order yourself a set today. We know you’ll fall in love with them.

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